Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Island Break

I absolutely love that fact that I'm an island girl. Running around on the beach, playing in the sea making the most of the countryside, enjoying the local produce and delicacies that Jersey produces. I think I lost my appreciation for it for a little bit, and it wasn't until I left for my ski season and didn't have the beach and the sea near me that I realised how much I really love it, and really do crave it when it's not around.
For anyone that's not been to Jersey, I recommend that you do and come and see it for yourself. As well as this video, there are some amazing 360degree videos online too, that I'm really proud to say that I helped work on.

Come on guys, visit Jersey, it's the best decision you'll make all year.


Thursday, June 02, 2016

The Bean Pot

To cut a long story short, The Bean Pot is two Jersey girls inviting you to dinner every six weeks or so. Expect home cooked, local food and fun times! Those Jersey girls just happen to be me and my very lovely friend Anna! 

The Bean Pot is the brainchild of Anna who wanted to bring to bring a slice of the London Supper Club  'The Clapton Pot' she co-hosted to Jersey... cue The Bean Pot. 

Anna found that in Jersey, it's particularly it’s easy to hang out with the same people all the time. So wanted to have dinners that would encourage people to meet new islanders and share stories around the table. She also wanted to celebrate Jersey’s gorgeous fresh produce so, where possible, food served at The Bean Pot table will come from the island.

Having asked me to co-host with her, we're now in the final stages of planning our third event, with plenty of ideas in the pipeline for the coming year.

At each dinner that we host, we’ll strive to serve up a tasty three-course meal, focusing on seasonal ingredients and flavours that pack a punch. However, we aren’t restaurant-trained chefs so don’t expect gourmet fare … just think of it like being invited to a friend’s house for dinner with everything being very lovingly prepared! It's a chance for a small bunch of islanders to enjoy some home-cooked Jersey produce whilst sharing stories across the table. 

Ticket price varies from month to month depending on what we're cooking but we aim to keep the cost as low as possible. We aren't out to make money with The Bean Pot, we just want to get folks together and enjoy some good food! 

If budget allows we try to rustle up a little welcome drink but we don't really provide 'much' alcohol, so guests are strongly encouraged to bring a bottle (or two) to share with their new friends!

Tickets will usually launch a couple of weeks before each event and will be announced on our twitter and facebook. So keep your eyes peeled!

Have a peek at our website for more details or if you feel like getting in touch:

We aren't a professional kitchen so can't unfortunately, cater for every dietary requirement. If you do book and have any *serious'* dietary issues please let us know and we'll let you know if we can accommodate them.

Please let us know at least three days before the event if you're unable to make it. This gives us a chance for us to try and re-advertise tickets to someone else who might be really eager to come! 

We can't wait to welcome you to the table!
Anna & Emma x


Monday, May 09, 2016

To The Forgotten Photographs

I've recently been asked about the 'reason' or 'direction' behind my blog, and I've not really known what to say back, other than it basically being an online diary of my life. I know that I may not take the best photos, or do the most interesting things, or always type things out grammatically correct, but it's so nice to be able to look back at posts from years ago and reminisce about 'the good times' that I've had.  Reading older posts bring back such joy, and it's something that I really treasure being able to do. 

I didn't set up this little blog of mine to be the most successful, or become anything really. It was my space on the internet that I could type anything I want and let my creativity run free. Firstly knowing that I've made friends from all over the world because of this blog is amazing, and secondly, that people even read it blow my mind. 

Anyway, this post is dedicated to all of the lost photographs that never made it into other posts for fear of oversharing, but I now feel that they deserve to come off the hard drive simply so I can look back at them at a later date! 


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